About the VA Guy

Cornerstone Home Mortgage has been serving active and retired military members since 2001. We go out of our comfort zones every day to make ourselves available to meet the needs of our active duty and retired service members. We get you pre-approved before you arrive, obtain copies of your orders and financials, help fix your credit before you buy and field calls from you while you are overseas at hours that are convenient for you. We also assist you in getting the appropriate power of attorney in place to have your spouse purchase while you are away. We have the expertise to help with all facets of your VA home loan and over 20 lenders to help with different credit pictures when one set of circumstances is just not enough.

Cornerstone Home Mortgage is located in Lacey Corporate Center (Lacey, Washington) just up the hill from the LOWES on the corner of Yelm Highway and College street approximately 20-25 minutes from JBLM.

Whether you would like to meet at our offices face to face or have us meet you around the gates of JBLM or even have us come on post we will accommodate you in way possible.
We are licensed in the state of Washington and can serve you when purchasing your home here. Often times when you go to a bank or credit union you only have one set of underwriters and circumstances that you have to fit in. With over 20 different lenders we can help you with many circumstances that other lenders are not willing to entertain. Underwriters are the ones who make the credit decisions and having as many as we do allows us to help you get approved when other places can’t.

We have multiple lenders that will also allow you to purchase a manufactured home with your VA Certificate and some that allow for lower credit score requirements.
All in all the process of navigating your VA home loan has been simplified by our vast knowledge of helping service members since 2001.

Our promise to you is that we will do everything we can to help you have the greatest experience ever. I am available evenings and weekends to answer any questions you may have and see to it that we take as much of the stress out of your PCS as possible.

That is my commitment to you!

Tim Barlow MLO#109204